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The BullS*&ters

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Golden Oldies

Sumner Rugby used to have its own Golden Oldies team affectionally known as the “Sumner Shags” for a number of years. They played a number of teams in the Canterbury region and attended the World Golden Oldies Tournament held in Christchurch and a few away trips out of town. But with dwindling numbers it was agreed to combine with the Mt Herbert Bays' Golden Oldies team, known as the “Bays' Bullshitters” around 1999. Since joining in with them, the Bays' Bullshitter’s have attended a number of world tournaments with either the World Golden Oldies or the Vintage Rugby Golden Oldies. They have also travelled to:

Perth  -  Adelaide  -  Brisbane  -  Wellington  -  Sydney  -  Christchurch  -  Ireland  -  Scotland  -  Hawaii

As a club, we play matches against other Canterbury teams usually about every three weeks on a Sunday afternoon. This is always followed up by a good bit of social mixing with our opponents. Our home grounds are Diamond Harbour, with St Leonard Square as a backup.

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