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Division 5

Rugby as we know it, is a constant changing beast. It always faces challenges with participation and gaining a following. This has mirrored the issues facing the Sharks over their 25+ year history. Many regular faces have thrown out their boots and faced the realisation that they are getting older.


Nevertheless we roll on, because if you can’t play there is always room on the sideline to help with support and filling up the water bottles.


In other words, most of us are living on past glories and rehashing photos of when we could still see our feet. But the younger crew are keeping our dreams alive of repeating the impossible and winning the grade. So, if you’ve still got something left in the tank, we’ve got a place for you to enjoy some footy.


And never mind if the tanks not full, we’ll help fill it after the match.

OoooooooooooooSHARKS !!

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